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FEAST 2014 Seminar Set - Audio CDs

FEAST 2014 Seminar Set - Audio CDs

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This set includes the amazing teachings from the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles' seminars that were recorded on Audio CD.

6 Morning Plenaries: Juha Ketola; Angus Buchan; Carla Melo; Billy Wilson; Tass Saada; and Samuel Rodriguez

Israel and the Church series:  Peter Tsukahira, Mosy Madugba, Jobst Bittner

Israel on the Path to Revival series:  Avi Mizrachi, Naim & Steven Khoury, Daniel Yahav

Biblical Theology and Israel series:  Dan Juster, Malcolm Hedding, David Elms

Current Affairs in the Middle East series: Susanna Kokkonen, Daniel Gordis, David Parsons

Restoration in the Nations series:  Engolf Ellssel, Khoo Oon Theam

3 Evening Sessions:  Jugen Buhler; Prince Guneratnam; John Francis

Times of Restoration booklet by Jurgen Buhler, Juha Ketola, and David Parsons

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