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The Third Temple, a sign of the Coming Messiah by Daniel Goldstein - Book

The Third Temple, a sign of the Coming Messiah by Daniel Goldstein - Book

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Does the Bible really predict a Third Temple?

In The Third Temple: A Sign of the Coming Messiah, Daniel Goldstein will take the reader on a journey through the pages of the Bible and along the path of history with a focus on Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and specific prophecies about a Third Temple. Through careful observation of the prophecies found in the Bible, Daniel Goldstein will examine the facts regarding a Third Temple together with the biblical signs of the coming of the Messiah. Although some biblical prophecies appear to be cryptic and challenging to the average reader, there are many biblical prophecies that are easily understood and provide literal signs of the coming of the Messiah. Buy your copy today and start discovering the facts regarding the Third Temple!

  • Discover keys to unlocking the 70-Weeks Daniel Prophecy
  • Recognize the signs of the coming Messiah
  • Learn what the Bible actually says about a Third Temple
  • Understand how the acts of God and of men have worked together to bring about the rebirth of the State of Israel
  • Find out how Islam, the UN, and world leaders will potentially work together to fulfill End Times prophecy

As well as addressing all of the above subjects, this book also contains the following features:

  • Numerous photos to assist in understanding the Temple Mount and the location of the former Temples
  • Three separate timelines which map the history of the Jewish Temples as well as biblical prophecy
  • A total of 222 pages of fact-based documentation regarding the Temple Mount and a thorough analysis of biblical prophecies relating to the Third Temple.
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