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Shaun Boshoff

100 Daily Hebrew Encouragements: Fire, by Shaun Boshoff - Book

100 Daily Hebrew Encouragements: Fire, by Shaun Boshoff - Book

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100 Daily Hebrew Encouragements
Volume 1: Fire
  1. Ever wanted to explore the Hebrew language?
  2. Many people think that getting personal revelations is out of their reach, but not with this book
  3. What is the deeper connection between God, Israel, Hebrew, and you?
  4. Need some pure genuine original encouragement in these times we are living in?

If any of those points got your attention, this book is for you.

Dr. Shaun Boshoff, Ph.D. and Pastor, Author, and Documentary Filmmaker has put together two of the most encouraging daily devotionals for anyone who calls themselves a believer, and even for those who don’t. This book is not just for you to grow in your spiritual life, but for those, you love as well.

Don’t miss this anointed opportunity and check out 100 Daily Hebrew Encouragements. If you have always been a little curious about the Hebrew language, this book is for you. Every day is packed with an easy-to-understand two-page revelation consisting of a specific Hebrew word, explaining how you can apply it to your life to be encouraged. This book was written for a time like this. Where God’s people need to learn where they came from, to know where they are going and what their purpose is. Every daily devotional is easy to grasp, and only a two-page read, but don’t let that fool you. Once you have finished this 100-day devotional, it will be impossible for you to ever look at the Bible, Israel, God, and yourself the same way. This book is for anyone who can read. It is not necessary to have any knowledge of the Hebrew language. Every single day is filled with stories, testimonies, lessons, education, laughter, or sadness, but be sure to know, that not a single morning will pass without you feeling encouraged when starting your daily devotion with 100 DAILY HEBREW ENCOURAGEMENTS

Dr. Shaun Boshoff was born in Namibia, into a Missionary family, on the African coast and has been in Ministry most of his life, where he has spent the last 16 years in Jerusalem, Israel, studying the ways of God’s chosen nation. Shaun Boshoff is the founder of, an online non-governmental ministry dedicated to spreading Israel awareness worldwide through means of teachings and Media. Shaun also authored “The Power of Words - 21-Day Challenge.” and "My Kind of Jesus - Who was He really?"

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