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International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

2014 Israel and the Church series 1-3 DVD

2014 Israel and the Church series 1-3 DVD

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An exciting series of three seminars delivered at the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles.  International pastors and church leaders discuss how they have presented teaching regarding God’s covenants with Israel and the church’s role in blessing the Jewish people to their congregations and how these teachings have positively impacted their ministries.

Peter Tsukahira – Peter and his wife have lived in Israel since 1987 and serve the local body, helping Chirstians understand God’s purposes for Israel in our day.  Peter is co-founder of Kehilat HaCarmel, a Messianic congregation on Mount Carmel.  He is also Director of the Mt. Carmel School of Church Growth International, chaired by Dr. David Yonggi Cho.

Rev. Mosy Madugba – Rev. Mosy Madugba is an apostolic and prophetic leader to the global church.  Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, he serves as the International Director of an indigenous evangelistic ministry- Spiritual Life Outreach- and as the International Coordinator of Ministers’ Prayer Network, a prayer and leadership association that annual hosts global “Prayerquakes”, which are attended by up to 15,000 Christian leaders.  Rev. Madugba serves as the National Director for ICEJ in Nigeria and coordinates the work of the ICEJ in Africa.  Mosy and his wife, Chinyere Gloria Madugba, are both respected authors and conference speakers.

Jobst Bittner – Jobst Bittner and his wife Charlotte are founders of TOS Ministries based in Tubingen, Southern Germany, with international branches in 11 nations.  In 2007, he started the March of Life movement with the children and grandchildren of Nazis walking along the routes of the death marches to break the silence about what their forefathers had done.  To date, the March of Life has spread to 14 nations and over a hundred cities, moving thousands to lift up a strong voice for remembrance and reconciliation, for Israel and against modern antisemitism.

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