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Fredrik Ekholm

A time to build by Fredrik Ekholm - Book

A time to build by Fredrik Ekholm - Book

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"What you sow, that you will also reap" is the red thread running through Fredrik Ekholm's biography. The reader is swept up in captivating stories that show how God has opened one door after another to a simple builder who has the courage to hold on to His promises.

Fredrik Ekholm's building business grew during the economic recession, becoming one of the most successful in the city. The projects for the poor in Benin and years of faithful work for Israel brought him title of Honorary Consul of both countries,Fredrik began to apply the principles of God's kingdom in his finances and work, eventually becoming one of the leaders of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC). And these are just a few examples.

Let this book inspire you to take steps of faith, to say "yes" to your calling and to be faithful in small things - and you will see what God can do in and through your life!

My hope is that Fredrik's sharing of his rich life experience would result in many being stirred up to obedience in faith. - J.Gunnar Olson, Founder of the ICCC

Fredrik makes history and always takes new steps of faith. His book is a wonderful description of an exciting life that simply has to be read. - Carl Gustaf Severin, International evangelist.

Honestly and openly, Fredrik Ekholm describes his life's journey, including difficult choices and trials where convictions are weighed in practical situations. - Antero Laukkanen, Member of the Finnish Parliament, board member of ICCC Finland, Councillor of Social Welfare.

Fredrik  has been sensitive to God's voice and has taken upon himself wholeheartedly an impressive amount of challenges and tasks that have touched numerous people, both at home and abroad - Kenneth Gronroos, Pastor and Church Councillor.


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