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Believing God R.T. Kendall - book

Believing God R.T. Kendall - book

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This insightful commentary makes Hebrews chapter 11 come alive as never before. In addition to standard issues related to faith, R.T. discusses often-debated matters such as the sovereignty of God, creation and prophecy.

It was Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who gave Dr. Kendall the expression "Believing God" as a definition of faith. Focusing on the mighty stalwarts of faith catalogued in Hebrews 11, Kendall is at pains to remind us that the writer of the Epistle was as concerned about the nature of faith itself as these people of faith.

"This is one of the best books I have ever read! Experienced Bible students and new believers alike will be inspired by R.T. Kendall's fresh depiction of the faith that pleases God." Rick Joyner

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