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Breaking the Veil of Silence by Jobst Bittner - Book

Breaking the Veil of Silence by Jobst Bittner - Book

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The Veil of Silence concerns you more than you think.  You come across it at every turn, whether in your personal life, in your family, in your church or congregation, or in your cities and nations.  The Veil of Silence is the reason for inner coldness, loneliness, and the sense of being lost in darkness.  Once you break it, you will be able to receive the immeasurable blessing of God and the authority to change your surroundings with His love.

Every nation carries its own burden of guilt and trauma that is passed down through the generations, while a Veil of Silence prevents reconciliation, healing, and restoration.

The German pastor, theologian, and activist, Jobst Bittner, writes in the light of the experience of German history.  Hitler and the Holocaust caused a spiritual eclipse in Germany and covered entire generations with a Veil of Silence.  Today, Germany is blessed and the country of "unmerited grace".  If Breaking the Veil of Silence was possible in Germany, how much more so in your life, family, and nation?

Through a captivating blend of history, theology, and psychology, Jobst Bittner provides a brave, discerning perspective on this Veil of Silence and proves that the weight of history can be lifted.  It is a powerful and practical intervention and spiritual guide to reclaim our authority by uprooting all destructive tendencies of covering up the past, uncovering our own family history, rediscovering the Jewish roots of our faith, and moving forward into action.

Once the veil is lifted, true healing, restoration, and change can begin.

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