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Petra van der Zande

Broken Silence by Betty Bausch-Polak & Liesje Auerbach-Polak - Book

Broken Silence by Betty Bausch-Polak & Liesje Auerbach-Polak - Book

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"The War greatly influenced our lives.  We continued to be silent, and our children didn't ask questions...."

Broken Silence tells the fascinating story of two Dutch Jewish sisters both of whom survived World War II.

Betty, the elder sister, stayed in The Netherlands on false identities.  Her husband joined the Resistance, was caught by the Germans and executed.  Betty was imprisoned, but miraculously survived the war.  Liesje (Elisheva) was sent to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany.  July 1944 she was selected as one of the 220 Jewish prisoners exchanged for German Templars living in Palestine.  It saved her life.

The two sisters, now both in their nineties, are amongst the few survivors still able to share their stories, in several languages.  Living history!  The third generation especially needs to be made aware of what happened.  Betty and Liesje continue sharing their stories.  Their long silence is finally broken.

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