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Commemorative Zion Mule Corps Medallion Plaque

Commemorative Zion Mule Corps Medallion Plaque

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This is a framed replica of the insignia worn by the Zion Mule Corps, which was commanded by Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson.  He was an Irish Protestant and a British officer during WWI.  He took charge of the Zion Mule Corps - the first organized Jewish fighting force nearly two millennia ago.  This unit fought in the Palestine campaign and after the war, its core membes formed the haganah underground.  Later in life, Patterson continued to promote the building of a Jewish defense force in the Land of Israel until his death in 1947.  He worked closely in those years with Ben-Zion Netanyahu, the father of Israel's current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The medallion is silver with gold plating

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