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International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Current Affairs Series 1-3 Audio mp3

Current Affairs Series 1-3 Audio mp3

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Current Affairs:

A series of three seminars on Middle East affairs presented by specialists in the region and delivered at the Feast of Tabernacles 2013.

Israel & the Region - David Parsons/Chris Mitchell - (David Parsons) "is an attorney, journalist, licensed minister and Middle East specialist who serves as Media and Public Relations Director for the ICEJ.  He is responsible for the ICEJ's relations with the Israeli and foreign press corps and oversees the ICEJ's various publications..."    (Chris Mitchell) "provides timely and informative reports from the turbulent Middle East as bureau chief for CBN News in Jerusalem.  He first began reporting on the Middle East in the mid-1990s, traveling throughout the entire region and covering such topics as the emigration of persecuted Christians from Arab/Islamic countries.  Before his assignment to the Jerusalem bureau a decade ago, Chris produced award-winning reports on revival movements and other spiritual issues."

Facing Islam - Moshe Sharon - "(is a) professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and considered by many to be Israel's leading scholar on Islam.  born in Haifa, he was educated at the Hebrew University and the University of London.  He has taught Islamic history and civilization with special emphasis on the Shi'a.  He is a specialist in Arabic epigraphy and has recorded all the Arabic inscriptions in the Holy Land.  He has served as Prime Minister Menachem Begin's adviser on Arab Affairs and took part in the peace treaty negotiations with Egypt."

Islam & the Harvest - Umar Mulinde - "is a Muslim convert to Christianity from Uganda who has answered the call into pastoral and evangelistic ministry with a powerful testimony of standing firm in the faith despite severe persecution.  He became a pastor of a growing church in Kampala and also developed a love for Israel.  Because he preaches the Gospel to all, including Muslims, and teaches about Israel, he has been repeatedly targeted by radical Islamists.  Because he has seen the dark side of Islam from both sides, he also has a very sobering message for those who still view Islam as a religion of peace."

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