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Discerning the Times - DVD

Discerning the Times - DVD

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Today, we live in one of the most exciting periods of history.  After 2000 years the Jewish people have been re-gathered back from exile to their ancient homeland in fulfillment of biblical prophecy.  What's more, after centuries of division, persecution and anti-Semitism a new generation of Christians are reaching out in love and reconciliation to the Jewish people, recognizing the sovereign hand of God in the restoration of Israel in our day.  but the Apostle Paul warned Timothy that in these last days, "fierce times will come" (2Timothy 3:1).  One of the dangers facing the world today is the Islamic agenda of world domination.  We should not be surprised or caught unaware.  Instead, as Jesus taught in Luke 12, we should seek to "interpret this present time."

Discerning the Times is a four-part DVD recording of a powerful seminar series held in June 2008 at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, TN.  Speakers include Rev. Malcolm Hedding (ICEJ Executive Director), Susan Michael (ICEJ USA Director), Dr. Marvin Wilson (Gordon College, MA), Rev. Allen Jackson (World Outreach Church), Rev Majid El-Shafie (One Free World International) and JoAnn Magnuson (Christian Friends of Yad Vashem).  Together these powerful and timely presentations examine the implications of scripture, prophesy, history and world events, giving biblical perspective and historical clarity.

The "sons of Issachar," scripture tells us, "had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do ..." (1 Chronicles 12:32).  Our hope is that this teaching resource will enable you to understand your place in what God is doing today.

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