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David Parsons

Floodgates by David R. Parsons - Book

Floodgates by David R. Parsons - Book

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When His disciples asked Jesus for His views on the end times, He
pointed to the “days of Noah” as the key to unlock the timing of “the
coming of the Son of Man.” But what exactly did He mean by that?

FLOODGATES unravels precisely what happened in the Flood of
Noah and explains why this important biblical event is such a fitting
analogy for our day. This book offers a clear biblical paradigm for
determining where we are on the prophetic timetable, based on the
actual teachings of Jesus and the apostles.

" a masterful explanation...of the coming of the Son of Man" - Gordon Robertson, CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network.

About the Author
David R. Parsons is an author, attorney, journalist, ordained minister,
and Middle East specialist who serves as Vice President and Senior
Spokesman for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

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