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Sarah Liberman

God of Miracles – Sarah Liberman - Music CD

God of Miracles – Sarah Liberman - Music CD

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‘God of Miracles’ is the third CD by Sarah Liberman on the Worship Journey series. This much awaited album, contains new exciting music capturing middle eastern and modern western sounds. This album tells the story of finding the God of miracles in the midst of the desert seasons of life. It is Sarah’s prayer that this music, words and songs will draw you closer to God and strengthen your walk with HIM.

Sung in Hebrew.

8 songs:

1. Give Thanks

2. Bless the Lord

3. Your Name is Holy

4. My Portion

5. If You Pursue

6. God of Miracles

7. Hineni ( Like Isaac)

8. King of my heart

Included Items
• 1 God of Miracles Album
• 1 Printed Booklet

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