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Petra van der Zande

Israel, History in a Nutshell; Highlighting the Wars and Military History - Book

Israel, History in a Nutshell; Highlighting the Wars and Military History - Book

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"Shalom Aleichem" - "peace be upon you".  It's the standard Hebrew greeting.  "Aleichem shalom" - "upon you be peace", the usual response.

Israel is a country and a people longing for that peace.  However, since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, various Arab leaders have called for the total destruction of the Jewish state.  Assuming in advance that defeat in war means an end to the Jewish nation, wars are waged accordingly.  With every military conflict that is thrust upon her, the little country is forced to fight for her survival.  In their ongoing struggle with hostile Arab neighbors, the Jewish people have a secret weapon- they have no other place to go.

Eretz Israel, the only democratic state in the middle East, is the focal point of world attention.  Throughout the world, (Muslim sponsored) radio and television broadcasting companies often give distorted or one-sided information, while newspapers often print half-truths, outright lies, exaggerated details or rearranged events.  so where do people get the truth?  Where are the actual facts, written in an easy read book?

Israel, History in a Nutshell, Highlighting the Wars and Military History is a compilation of facts, proof of the long and glorious history of the State of Israel.  It is a tool to refute the lies, twisted facts adn half-truths that are spread daily around the globe.  This publication not only sheds light on Israel's military history, it also gives short biographies of the key-role players, and much, much more.

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