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Sandra Teplinsky

Israel's Anointing: Your Inheritance And End-Time Destiny Through Israel , by Sandra Teplinsky - book

Israel's Anointing: Your Inheritance And End-Time Destiny Through Israel , by Sandra Teplinsky - book

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From the Back Cover

As the biblical clock counts down, the destinies of Israel and the Church are converging.

As both Gentile and Jewish believers in Jesus prepare together for His return, global revival and warfare will increase. Sandra Teplinsky, a Messianic Jewish believer, mines Israel's ancient spiritual heritage to share critical truths needed at this hour. Unveiling revelation about the Kingdom of heaven transitioning to earth, 
Israel's Anointing will draw you deep into the heart of God--prophetically, practically and passionately--and empower you to fulfill your destiny in the days ahead.

"Some Christians feel that the subject of 'Israel' is political at best and carnal at worst. This passionately written book dispels such unbiblical thinking, opening up the deeply spiritual treasures that remain part of Israel's God-given heritage. If you love Jesus and His Kingdom, you will be blessed and enriched by this book, and you will find yourself loving God's purposes for Israel as well."--
Dr. Michael L. Brown, president, FIRE School of Ministry, Concord, NC

"A cutting-edge book for the whole Body of Messiah. Sandy's book sheds much-needed light on critical issues important to both Gentile and Jewish believers, guiding us toward maturity as one new man in Messiah."--
Jonathan Bernis, Messianic rabbi; president, Jewish Voice Ministries International

"This new book will give you insight into God's heart and purpose for Israel in this hour, and how that applies to you personally."--
Jane Hansen Hoyt, president/CEO, Aglow International

"Combines biblical and prophetic revelation with fiery passion for God to disclose mysteries and engage us with our ancient spiritual heritage."--
Lou Engle, founder, The Call, International House of Prayer

"One of the defining books of this time in history."--
Chuck D. Pierce, president, Glory of Zion International Ministries; harvest watchman, Global Harvest Ministries

About the Author

Sandra Teplinsky, trained as an attorney in business litigation, is founder and director of Light of Zion, a teaching and intercessory prayer ministry. With her husband, Kerry, also a Messianic Jew, she speaks at churches, seminars, and conferences on Israel and the church; the Jewish roots of Christianity; and Messianic Judaism. She is the author of Why Care about Israel? and lives with her family in Anaheim, California.
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