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Petra van der Zande

Just Do It! by Petra van der Zande

Just Do It! by Petra van der Zande

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It takes a step of faith to move from Holland to Israel, but wim and Petra immediately feel at home in their adopted country.  They work as volunteers at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  In 1991 they become foster parents of a multi-handicapped Jewish boy.  In the years that follow, the previously childless couple also take in two severely handicapped Bedouin girls.

"Just do it, Petra!" Wim responds when she tells him about a three year old Arab boy in need of a home.

Within the frame work of a loving family, the neglected child soon begins to blossom, astounding each and everyone,  During the twelve years he lives with teh van der Zandes, Na'il (inquirer) shows the so-called 'healthy' people that physical limitations are a challenge to be tackled - Just do it!

The 'Little Prince' is called Home at the age of fourteen.

This is the revised version of a "One-kind-of-a-gift", a boy who truly lived up to his name.

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