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Living Fully for the Fulfillment of ISAIAH 19 by Tom Craig - Book

Living Fully for the Fulfillment of ISAIAH 19 by Tom Craig - Book

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When Egypt, Assyria and Israel will become a Blessing in the Midst of the Earth.

"Because of Tom and Teresa's more than 20 years living and serving the Lord in the Middle East, this book about Isaiah 19 is written with a deep, heart-felt understanding of the peoples and nations involved in the fulfillment of the prophetic passage that centers primarily on Egypt's prophetic destiny",- Mike Bickle, Director International House of Prayer of Kansas City

What do current events in the Middle East have to do with the Kingdom of God-and why should believers care? Why should anyone care? Fresh from the "prophetic Scriptures" emerge ancient answers to modern-day questions that affect all people worldwide. 

Understanding the prophecy in Isaiah 19 brings sense to the seemingly nonsensical conflicts plaguing that vital region of the world. The Lord is preparing to propel Egypt onto a turbulent course of divine confrontation and spiritual breakthrough, leading to the entire nation of surviving Egyptians becoming worshippers of the Lord-and flowing into the other nations of the Middle East including Israel-"a blessing in the midst of the earth" (Isaiah 19:24). 

The culmination of these events will unite three revered and historic enemies in worship of the One True God-resulting in a blessing to the whole earth and establishing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!

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