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Nazareth, A Fascinating City of Culture and Cuisine - Book

Nazareth, A Fascinating City of Culture and Cuisine - Book

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This is the story of the many people who returned to Nazareth, the city of their birth, opened restaurants and bars, and whose enthusiasm and courtesy have ushered in a new, fresh breath of air to the city's hospitality industry.  Pampering meals based on traditional recipes with a fascinating European influence, the use of regional produce, the special locally grown herbs and spices, the food production facilities for tahini, halva and araq and, of course, the local traditional sweetmeats, all play a leading part in the new wave sweeping the city.

This is the story of a city that combines thousands of years of fascinating history, expressed by the riche and unique range of religious and archeological sites, with the locals' tradition, the beautiful sites, the unique buildings and alleyways and a bustling market offering an abundance of goods and products.  Of home cooking and tempting street stalls offering traditional food that has been prepared in the same manner for generations.

This is a book about an overwhelming experience, worthy of the few days it takes to appreciate the atmosphere, to feel the city.  But beware - these few days may not suffice, as there's always a whole lot more to see.

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