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Life in the Time of Jesus - by Sarit Gani - Book

Life in the Time of Jesus - by Sarit Gani - Book

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This book is based on many questions I was asked by my own children. Among others, they asked me : how do we know all these things?!

This was a great opportunity to tell them some of the important details that we can gather from our Holy Bible about life in those days, in the time of the great prophets, teachers and rulers: King David, the prophets Elija and Isaiah and many other important figures, all the way to Jesus the Messiah and his disciples.

In addition to the information in the Bible, the Holy Land has an abundance of archaeological evidence that will enlighten kids and adults alike. For example, the illustration of the sandals in the page describing fashion in those days is based on women's sandals, 2000 years old, which were found at Masada; the illustration of the basalt house is based on findings in the ancient village Capernaum, and so on and so forth

Jesus' words have been beautifully preserved in there findings.


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