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Shalva Tea in assortment - souvenirs

Shalva Tea in assortment - souvenirs

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Shalva Tea boutique blends are the finest herbal teas the Land of Israel has to offer!

This is a sustainable business, treading lightly on the earth and being a force for good in israeli community. This israeli business has an emphasis on local (kosher) herbs from Israeli farms, seek out plastic-free biodegradable/recyclable packaging, and even deliver the teas around hilly Jerusalem by bike! They also partner with special-needs organizations for their product packaging, providing community benefits for people of all backgrounds across Jerusalem.

We invite you to enjoy these teas and explore the essence of "shalva", an ancient Hebrew word for calmness and tranquility.

"Shalva" is an ancient Hebrew word "שלווה" for peace, calmness, and tranquility. All of these blends are naturally caffeine-free and made with pure herbs ~ never any added flavors or colors ~ allowing for a pure shalva experience with each cup.

The word "shalva" appears just once in the Old Testament, in a psalm attributed to King David (122:7):

"May there be peace between your walls, shalva within your palaces..."

Each ShalvaTea flavor carries the namesake of a different ecological region in Israel. Why? These carefully crafted blends have been inspired by the array of plants found growing wild across these ancient landscapes, rich in history, biodiversity, and real natural flavors.

Real Ingredients * 100% Natural * No added flavors * Kosher

Tea Tin with 20 Teabags.

1. Arava | Calming Chamomile-Lavender I Ingredients: chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint, licorice, lavender -  Israeli Herbal Tea, Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free

2. Carmel | Rejuvenating Hyssop-Rosemary | Ingredients: rosemary, sumac, raspberry leaf, elderberry, zootah (white-leaved savory), za’atar (hyssop), calendula -   Israeli Herbal Tea,Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free 

3. Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Ingredients: fennel seed, cactus flower, dandelion, sage, zootah (white-leaved savory), carob -  Israeli Herbal Tea, Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free

4. Elah Valley | Soothing Rose-Peppermint | Ingredients: peppermint, rose petal, licorice, sumac, rosehip, zootah (white savory) - Israeli Herbal Tea,

5. Galil | Refreshing Olive Leaf-Lemonbalm | Ingredients: olive leaf, lemongrass, lemonbalm, dandelion, sage - Israeli Herbal Tea,Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free. 

6. Jerusalem | Harmonizing Lemongrass-Hibiscus | Ingredients: lemongrass, spearmint, hibiscus, rose petals, olive leaf, sage, cardamom, calendula- Israeli Herbal Tea, Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free.

Make your choice and enjoy tea from the Holy Land

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