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Blackham Family Ministries

The Beauty of the Hebrew Language - Book

The Beauty of the Hebrew Language - Book

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Nathalie Blackham was born in France and settled in England where she met her husband, Martin.  They raised and home schooled their four children in three continents; Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Nathalie has been co-presenting the 'In The Last Day's' TV Program with Martin since 2004.  In 2009, as a journalist she moved with her family to Israel and co-founded with Martin the ITLD TV Studio, Jerusalem.

Nathalie's interest in Israel started in 1997 when she began to intensively study and investigate the Hebraic Roots of the Church.  This led her to teach and explain the significance and wonders of the Hebrew letters by way of television and conferences.  She is passionate about people discovering for themselves hidden secrets from this amazing language.

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