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Shaun Boshoff

The Power of Words, by Shaun Boshoff - Book

The Power of Words, by Shaun Boshoff - Book

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The 21 Day Power of Words Challenge.

This Book will radically change any area of your life for the better, just through the Power of your own Words!

  1. Would you want a Healthier Relationship Life?
  2. Do you want to live a worry free financial life and live a Life of Success!
  3. Tired of being depressed, anxious, angry or miserable? Live a Life of Joy!
  4. Want to know more about the Secrets of the Universe?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this book is for you.

Shaun Boshoff, A Masters In Management, Author and Documentary Film maker takes you on an adventure, explaining the foundational steps of The 21 Day Power of Words Challenge and how your words have a direct effect on the outcome of your every day life. Having mastered the Hebrew Language, Shaun Boshoff explains the in depth power God gave mankind at the beginning of creation.

Join Shaun Boshoff and come to understand The Power of Words through the written word, spoken word, numbers, animals, Hebrew, Israel and the practical steps you can easily take to change the course of your future, to truly live a blessed life. Included at the end of the book is an actual tested and tried 21 day Challenge, that is guaranteed to leave you with a shocking sensation of how understanding some of the best kept secrets, that God’s chosen people have known for thousands of years and adhering to those mysteries can so easily change your life in a matter of three weeks, where you will never pray, speak, or think the same again. Take a step of faith and join Shaun Boshoff on this revolutionary 21 Day Power of Words Challenge

Different Secrets you need to know to live a joyful and worry free life

  • Thousands of year old mysteries revealed in connection to the power of the tongue, through a lost language.
  • The Truth in End Time Prophecy according to God’s Chosen Nation – A Hope to destroy the fear of the End Times.
  • How God uses Animals and Numbers to increase your prayer life in Faith, becoming a better Warrior for the One True King.

What's Inside

  • An introduction to the Foundational Power of Words.
  • 21 Days fully explained step by step, with practical exercises any single person on earth can adhere to.
  • Practical exercises through The Power of the Written and Spoken Word, Names, Numbers, Thoughts etc.
  • An actual tried and tested 21 Day Challenge with promising results.
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