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Keren Ahvah Meshihit

The Religious Beliefs of the Chassidim by Paul Levertoff - Book

The Religious Beliefs of the Chassidim by Paul Levertoff - Book

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Antagonism and prejudice have sprung up between Judaism and Christianity like a dense hedge of thorns. Yet from a religio-historical point of view several points of intersection are manifest between Chassidism, the mystical stream within Judaism, and Christianity. The interpretation of this affinity requires in-depth study.

It is against this background that Paul Levertoff discusses the origin and history of Chassidism. He clearly identifies its prejudice against Christianity, uncovers points of similarity between Christianity and Chassidism and draws attention to the peculiarities that set Chassidism apart from rabbinical Judaism. The author delevs deeply into Chassidic thought regarding the doctrine of salvation, which he expounds and discusses on the basis of such central themes as the knowledge of God, the love of God, humility, prayer, the Law and salvation.

The author's astonishing conclusions and profound insights make this book both controversial and relevant today. 

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