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Keren Ahvah Meshihit

The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah by David Baron - Book

The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah by David Baron - Book

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The vision and prophecies of Zechariah: the prophet of Hope and of Glory.

This classic work focuses firstly on Zechariah's great Messianic prophecies, and secondly on the exciting prophetic events which center around the land and people of Israel.

David Baron (1855 - 1926) was raised in a devout Jewish family and studied Hebrew in rabbinical school. After completing his own study of the Scriptures, he devoted himself to a twofold ministry: explaining Christianity to the Jews and explaining the Jews to Christianity.

In this book Baron writes:
"Zechariah (Zekharyah, “he whom Jehovah remembers”) is the central figure in the group of the three post-exilic prophets, and his voice was the last but one of that unique and wonderful succession of men who were, indeed, the oracles of God, and through whom “in divers portions and in different ways” He Himself “spake unto the fathers,” revealing His eternal counsels to men."

1. A Call to Repentance (Zech. 1:1-6)
2. The Angel among the Myrtle Trees (Zech. 7-17)
3. The Horns and the “Carpenters” (Zech. 1:18-21)
4. The Man with the Measuring Line (Zech. 2)
5. Joshua before the Angel of Jehovah (Zech. 3)
6. The Candlestick (Zech. 4)
7. The Flying Roll (Zech. 5:1-4)
8. The Ephah (Zech. 5:5-11)
9. The Four Chariots (Zech. 6:1-8)
10. The Crowning of Joshua (Zech. 6:9-15)
11. The Negative Answer (Zech.7)
12. The Positive Answer (Zech. 8)
13. An Examination of the Modem Criticism
14. The Prince of Peace (Zech. 9)
15. The Shepherd-King (Zech. 10)
16. Rejection of the True Shepherd (Zech. 11)
17. Final Conflict and Deliverance (Zech. 12)
18. The Opened Fountain (Zech. 13:1-6)
19. The Smitten Shepherd (Zech. 13:7-9)
20. The Glorious Consummation (Zech. 14)

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