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Malcolm Hedding Ministries

Understanding Hebrews, Malcolm Hedding - Book

Understanding Hebrews, Malcolm Hedding - Book

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The letter to the Hebrews - the book of Hebrews is one of, if not the most, majestic book in the Bible. The author,no doubt Paul the Apostle, roots it firmly in the Hebrew scriptures thus demonstrating time and time again how these have foreshadowed the life and priestly ministry of Jesus Christ.

Malcolm's Hedding's book , "Understanding Hebrews", throws light upon all of this and it demonstrates the manner in which we are to embrace and respond to these wonderful and heavenly things.

Malcolm's style of writing is easy and uncomplicated there  - by enabling the reader to appreciate what could be difficult theological concepts and in fact then to be enriched by them.

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Pages : 103


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