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Understanding Replacement Theology by Malcolm Hedding - Book

Understanding Replacement Theology by Malcolm Hedding - Book

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Replacement Theology has over the years challenged the very nature of biblical exposition because essentially it undermines the notion that they text of scripture should be understood in its context.  Therefore, one should uphold the authority of scripture by allowing it to speak for itself and this requires humility and a high view of the sacred text.  This in turn plays itself out by interpreting the text literally if the context is literal and allegorically, if the context is figurative.  Once this rule is broken the scriptures can be made to mean anything and the interpreter becomes the final authority of what it means.  This is precisely what Replacement Theology has done.

Replacement Theology is a theological scheme then that is imposed upon scripture and that disinvests the Jewish people of any national destiny in the land of Canaan.  It, without good biblical reason, dismembers the Abrahamic Covenant; the promises,, terms and blessings of which are said to be eternal and unalterable by scripture.  Contradicted by remarkable promises, given by Jesus and the great Prophets, of a physical restoration of the Jews to Canaan that still await fulfillment, Replacement Theology is a serious deception that has afflicted the Church for centuries and sadly has been at the root of Christian anti-Semitism.  Its fruit has been bitter; it has disconnected the people of God from flowing fully with the purpose of God, and it has disinvested scripture of its authority.  We don't need it!  This book by Malcolm Hedding will expose it.

paperback, 25 pages

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